Maumee Pattern was founded in 1915. The name "Maumee" was taken from the nearby Maumee River because of the dependence on waterways during the early 20th Century. This pattern was constructed in 1917 and was built by hand by the gentlemen pictured:


Since coming under ownership of the Neuman family in 1968, the Company has invested heavily in the best work teams, hardware, software, and machine tools to truly manufacture World Class Foundry Tooling to the highest of Customer expectations. Regular Company meetings are held to discuss ideas for meeting customers' needs and improving quality, productivity, and safety. In 1996 complete renovation of our 18,550 square foot facility was completed including a 2,640 square foot CAD Design/Engineering area. Our excellent quality system, design department, and automation level allow us to gauge our capacity for growth by our quantity of high speed CNC spindles and their efficiency (based on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

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